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Scientists find a way to convert Carbon Dioxide from air into fuel

February 01, 2016Researchers have discovered a process that takes Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the air and converts it into methanol (CH3OH) with the help of a homogeneous catalyst. By the way, the idea of converting CO2 into methane is not particularly new. What these scientists did was that they found a catalyst - metal ruthenium - that makes the reaction much faster and this is something that has never been done before.
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Samsung Display to Stop Producing LCD Screens This Year

Samsung Display will stop producing LCD screens this year, and instead reallocate resources toward quantum dot technology.March 31, 2020Samsung Display will cease its production of liquid crystal display (LCD) panels in South Korea and China at the end of 2020 to focus on the new generation of & 34;quantum dot& 34; (QD) screens, reports Engadget.
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Army vet creates Tankchair, a badass wheelchair for the disabled

June 03, 2014What happens when the wife of an army vet so tragically becomes paralyzed? The Tank-Wheelchair! Army veteran, Brad Soden came up with the idea after his wife became paralysed from the waist down in 1999. He promised his wife he would build her something after she said the words, & 34;Go on without me& 34;, but after & 34;two years and a bunch of beers& 34; he manufactured the Tankchair in his garage, after many engineers told him it just wasn& 39;t possible.
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How a Jet Engine Works

We& 39;re going to explain the processes involved so that anyone could get a good understanding of the underlying principles behind jet engines.April 23, 2014You may have wondered how a jet engine works but gave up on the idea that you would be able to understand rocket science. But it& 39;s actually a simple concept to grasp and one that will impress the person by your side on your next flight.
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Destination Mars: 15+ Incredible SpaceX Milestones, Past and Future

SpaceX has had some incredible highs and lows. Founded in 2002, the company has become a key player in rocket missions and accomplished founder Elon Musk& 39;s goal of getting space travel back on track after NASA& 39;s relative radio silence during recent years.Here& 39;s a recap of some of the space company& 39;s most important rocket launches to date, as well as a look ahead at what& 39;s in store for future launches that will take humans to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.
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3D Printed Corals Could Be the Future of Bioenergy

With global warming causing sea temperatures to rise, the coral reefs are dying around the world. The delicate reefs are particularly susceptible to even small changes in average temperature and salinity, and as they die, this could also spell disaster for the many marine organisms that call the reefs home.
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