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Facebook’s New AI Tool Transforms 2D Image to 3D Models

This could mean accessible, commercial 2D to 3D rendering.June 22, 2020When it comes to 3D model estimation from 2D sources we run into a corner due to a conflict between memory capacity and accuracy. We need a sustainable amount of data flow to maintain a high context for our machines while high-resolution is necessary for accurate renders with neural-networking.
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Man versus Machine in Ping Pong Showdown.

March 14, 2014It was dubbed the & 39;ultimate man versus machine sports-based face-off.& 39; German table tennis champion Timo Boll went head-to-head against a state of the art lightning fast robot, Agilus, on March 11. Oh and yes you can take a sigh of relief as humans won this round - but only narrowly!
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NASA's Tips on How to Manage and Secure Apple Devices

NASA officials recently sat down for a discussion on how they manage devices across the space organization& 39;s workforce.June 16, 2020How do you secure an IT network to space? Computer systems on Earth are connected to systems aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and many other satellites, spacecraft, and probes.
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Watch the SSC Tuatara Hypercar Blast from 60-120 MPH in 2.5 Seconds

The 1,750 horsepower car is designed to break 299.501 mph.June 03, 2020Strap your seatbelt, because you& 39;re about to go on a ride. There is a strong collection of sports cars that defy the laws of physics and leave engineers and motorist fans stunned. You can now add the SSC Tuatara to that list.The hypercar was developed by the American automobile manufacturer SSC North America, and has a whopping 1,750 horsepower available and is designed to break 482 km/h (300 mph).
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