Captain Jules' Extraordinary Telescope Ring

Captain Jules' Extraordinary Telescope Ring

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This is a cool addition to the steampunk style and the people who like this style. It is great that there is no official character associated with it, so you're free to apply it into a costume of your choice. However, it would fit better into sailor or pilot thematic. The manufacturers call this ring Captain Jules' Extraordinary Telescope Ring and let the client decide who is/was Captain Jules and what his adventures are, and also why the client currently wears his extraordinary telescope ring.

The material used to create this cast metal ring is lightweight aluminum with an aged bronze layer with black patina above. The two lenses fold out at angle of 180 degrees and then slide apart, forming a small telescope. If you want a closer look, the large lens doubles as a magnifying glass. In the central section of the ring, right under the lens when folded, is placed small magnetic compass. It is forwarded to the client in a stylish tin suitable for gifts.

[Image Source : Fancy]

There are additional attachments that are able to change the size of the ring in three modes:

Size 5 (small, 15.75mm), Size 8 (medium, 18.2mm), Size 11 (large, 20.6mm).

[Image Source : Fancy]

Watch the video: Unusual Homebuilt Telescope (July 2022).


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