Light and Sound Geometric Installations Highlight Stunning Mies Van Der Rohe Architecture

Light and Sound Geometric Installations Highlight Stunning Mies Van Der Rohe Architecture

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Architecture and artistic installations can be truly awe-inspiring. A case in point is Luftwerk's two 2019 'Geometry of Light' installations.

Working together with architect Iker Gil, and sound designer Oriol Tarragó, Luftwerk coordinated the work that celebrated the architectural forms of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Both installations were displayed this year, with the German Pavilion show in Barcelona taking place last February, followed by the second installation which happened in October, at the Farnsworth House near Chicago.


Luftwerk and the concept

Inspired by the structures' weightlessness look, the concept Luftwerk decided to use made use of bright red laser lights, in order to accentuate the clarity of the architecture.

Lasers are used as a tool when building or designing a space so as to ensure it's being built on the same level.

Both sites' rich historical contexts were what drew in the designers and architects.

Built in 1929, the German Pavilion was demolished soon after it was erected, and was only rebuilt in 1986. Architects then used drawings to reconstruct the house.

Using bright red laser lights give the illusion that the rooms and walls are being dissected and cut through. 'Geometry of Light' wants to increase the illusion between physical and material boundaries.

As the German Pavilion was built, brought down, and then rebuilt using only 2D drawings, the immersive installation of lasers truly reflects its history by creating these illusions.

The Farnsworth House, also designed by Mies van der Rohe, was completed in 1951 and opened to the public in 2004. By hosting the art and sound 'Geometry of Light' installation here, the house's history and underlying geometries will be displayed in an unusual way.

The accompanying sound piece by Oriol Tarragó is integral to the show, and perfectly matches architect Iker Gil's concept.

Below are some images of the two incredible art and sound installations at each location.

Farnsworth House 'Geometry of Light'

Displayed here is a view of how the house looks from the inside with the lasers slicing through the interior:

Here is the house and installation seen at night:

As seen from another angle:

The detail on the walls:

You can watch the full installation through Luftwerk's Vimeo video.

The German Pavilion 'Geometry of Light'

Based in Barcelona, the German Pavilion's art installation was also a sight for sore eyes, and music to many's ears:

Another shot of the German Pavilion's exterior:

Here is a striking interior image:

The lasers didn't miss a statue:

Or the walls:

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