7 Kids' Dream Houses Turned into 3D Models and Evaluated by Property Agents

7 Kids' Dream Houses Turned into 3D Models and Evaluated by Property Agents

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What did your dream house look like when you were a kid? You most likely drew wonderful home creations from your vivid imagination back in the day, but you probably never thought these drawings could become 3D models or be evaluated for a price tag.

Bankrate U.K. enabled seven kids to realize their dream home potential.


Kids dream houses

The seven kids were aged between four and ten years old and come from all across the U.K. No limitations were set other than they could draw whatever their heart and head desired.

Then, the Bankrate team turned the house drawings into 3D digital designs. Following this, an expert estate agent from Andrews, a property consultant company in the U.K., estimated how much these models would cost to buy.

It seems like kids' imaginations come at a pretty penny...

Below are the seven creations, and how much they would cost:

1. Alya and Zack's 'Unicorn' house: £5.5 million (US$ 7.1 million)

The Andrews property agent was in awe of this brightly colored home, stating:

"The rainbow slide which leads to the pool is a particular highlight of the property, as is the ‘press for sweets’ button! The mixture of the clean lines of the pool and grounds with the playful exterior of the home is sure to bring a smile to anyone coming home after a long day at work.

2. Molly's 'Fairy House Wonderland': £1.8 million (US$ 2.3 million)

Another fun and fantastical creation, with a very fairy-centric look. The estate agent noted "Whilst I can provide no comparable evidence, I can tell you that magical homes are very sought after. Three-bedroom homes in the area usually command in the region of £700,000. However, with the security features magic passwords and invisible steps provide, we would suggest a guide of £1.8m, plus suitable magical compensation."

3. Isabella's 'Crystal Palace: £4.5 million (US$ 5.8 million)

Isabella's drawing brought out many key selling features, with one that particularly stands out to the estate agent: "The teddy bear room especially we feel would be a key selling feature and may eliminate the surprise some people find when going down to the woods. We feel any teddy bear worth their stuffing would prefer to have their picnic in the teddy bear room."

4. Berren's 'Underwater Jellyfish Paradise': £35 million (US$ 45.2 million)

This is the most expensive of all the kids' creations, but the estate agent assures us that even with its one-bedroom, it would still sell easily, "This is a house quite unlike anything we have seen before and with the number of entertainment facilities, we do not see the fact there is only one bedroom as an issue."

5. Charlie's 'Wrestling Ring House': £2.1 million (US$ 2.7 million)

Every little boy's dream: a wrestling house complete with a boxing ring. "Wrestling fans will love walking under the championship belt and being able to utilize the rooftop ring," commented the estate agent.

6. Bramwell's 'Tree Tower': £8 million (US$ 10.3 million)

This Tree Tower offers sweeping views, and as per the estate agent "The modern interior and large glass windows give this home a very modern feel and this is very much what the modern buyer is looking for from their home. Plenty of light and the useful addition of an elf. Something that is sadly lacking from so many modern properties."

7. Sophia's 'Doughnut House': £5 million (US$ 6.4 million)

Who wouldn't want to live in a doughnut house? The estate agent concurs, "Doughnuts are very popular at the moment and this house looks delicious!"

"We need a sunny day to retract the roof and get people on stage to have a party. If we can find a sunny day then we can arrange an open house so that people can use the pool and playground"

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