Architecture Studio Releases Templates for Children to Create Paper Cities

Architecture Studio Releases Templates for Children to Create Paper Cities

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Architecture studio Foster + Partners has published a brilliant set of architectural challenges that are aimed at kids and those who are feeling like kids amid the lockdown, such as building paper skyscrapers and creating a city.

How about drawing the future architect and the most fantastical skyscraper ever designed! This is so much fun and the whole family can play. Download the templates and send us a photo of your creations! https://t.co/NfAWOYYzZJ#architecturefromhome#learningforchildrenpic.twitter.com/aDILiU2ca1

— Foster + Partners (@FosterPartners) April 24, 2020

The templates, which are darn cute themselves, were published on their official website, and the company urges kids to share their creations on social media, using the #architecturefromhome hashtag.


According to the studio's statement, the challenges have been created to encourage kids to think more about their surroundings and environments. The released templates can be printed out, colored, and folded to create paper cities and more.

Katy Harris, a senior partner at Foster + Partners, said, "The recent lockdown has offered us an opportunity to create a number of online initiatives that educate and entertain our online community and support parents and carers with children who may not be attending school at the moment."

Most recently, the studio has challenged children to build their own paper skyscrapers and create a city to their liking by using the templates.

“Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing new activities for children whilst at home, away from school. We’ll include drawing, making, playing, thinking, reading, watching and other activities to keep them entertained⁠—for at least a few hours!” their website reads.

While the activities are aimed at children from ages 2 to 12, anyone can enjoy them really. They are designed so that they can be designed and enjoyed by everyone. We can't be the only one who has been swayed by the idea, right?

When the fact that being stuck at home has struck the kids most, this is such a fun challenge that can encourage kids to think like little engineers. As Harris said, "The #architecturefromhome initiative is a chance for all of us to have some fun and learn at the same time."

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